The Park at Hyde Park Square

A small sitting park in the center of an urban square

A small sitting park in the center of an urban square. The centerpiece of Hyde Park Square is Kilgour Fountain, originally installed in 1900 as a gift to the city. The fountain was completely restored in 2003.

More about the fountain:
Kilgour Fountain: In 1900, real-estate investor Charles Kilgour donated this fountain to the people of Hyde Park. Centrally located on Hyde Park Square, this bronze fountain features a classically draped female figure, lion-head water spouts and fluted basins. The work of Cincinnati-born sculptor Joseph Cronin (1859-1923), the fountain was restored and redesigned in 1976 by Eleftherios Karkadoulias, who lowered the lamps and added a large concrete pool. Karkadoulias was also responsible for the restoration of the Tyler Davidson Fountain.

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