FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017


Sponsored by the Hyde Park Square Business Association

SUNDAY ~ OCTOBER 1, 2017   10 A.M. to 5 P.M.   (NO RAIN DATE)

The 51st Annual Hyde Park Square Art Show is accepting applications for art exhibitors to display and sell their work in one of the area’s finest juried art shows.  Applicants must be prejudged in April (see exception below) and those accepted into the October show will be notified by mail.

Painting – Drawing/Printmaking – Photography – Jewelry – Ceramics – Sculpture/Metal
Wood –  Glass – Fiber/Leather – 2D/3D Mixed Media

All applicants will be prejudged.  All work and/or materials must be the artist’s own creation and representative of the items submitted by the artist for prejudging.  No pre-manufactured or commercially made items (T-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, etc.) will be permitted in the show.  Each applicant may exhibit and compete in only ONE category per space, and must enter in only ONE individual’s name (no group entries).

EXCEPTION    Winners and those who received honorable mention in the 2016 show are exempt from the prejudging process.  They need only submit the application form and enclose the entrance fee of $130 by March 31, 2017    (Winners in the youth division from the previous year who are now entering the adult division ARE NOT exempt from prejudging).

To participate in the prescreening, submit the application form plus a $40 non-refundable processing fee by Friday March 31, 2017.    If you do not meet this March 31st deadline, the entry fee for “walk-ins” on the day of prejudging will be $75.  Bring ONLY three (3) pieces of work in ONE category for prejudging. To help with the judging process please bring a photo representing the art you will be displaying in your booth.

DATE:  Saturday, April 29 , 2017    8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
LOCATION:  Hyde Park Center for Older Adults  Use back entrance off Shaw Ave.  2800 Erie Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, 45208

If you are unable to attend the prejudging, send ONLY three (3) images of your work for evaluation and a picture representing the art you will be displaying in your booth. Send your images as JPG files on a CD.  CDs will not be returned.The quality of your images may influence the judges decisions.  Include a 100 word overview of you and your work, describing the process and materials used.  All images to be judged must be submitted prior to the March 31st deadline.  Be sure to include the application form and the $40 processing fee.  CDs will not be accepted the day of prejudging.  The prejudging decisions will be mailed to you the week of May 14th.

ENTRANCE FEE  ~   $130.00
All applicants accepted after prejudging must submit a one hundred thirty ($130) non-refundable entrance fee for space in the show.  NOTE:  Please do not send the entrance fee until after your notification of acceptance into the show, which you will receive the week of May 14th.  The 2016 HPSAS winners and those having received honorable mentions are automatically accepted into the 2017 show without pre-judging, however they still must submit their entrance fee of $130 by March 31st.   The entrance fee entitles the applicant a booth space of eleven (11) feet for exhibition and sale of work.  There will be a limit of ONE space for each applicant and the artist’s booth must contain only works in their prejudged category.  Applicants are responsible for providing their own tent, display racks and tables.  No electric outlets will be available. The entrance fee also entitles the artist’s work to be judged in show day competition.

Each artist is responsible for:

  1. Set up and dismantling display – following art show procedures
  2. Maintaining and staffing their booth
  3. All sales transactions /  payment of all sales taxes

Art submitted for competition must be in the artist’s prejudged category.  The awards are as follows:

  • Best of show – $600
  • First Place – $500
  • Second Place – $400
  • Third Place – $300
  • Honorable Mention – $130